Opus was founded with the mission to do our part to achieve the UN Sustainability Development Goals by 2030.  Every member of our team is acutely aware of the sense of urgency required to solve for sustainability issues which have reached critical levels.  Through a combination of biological carbon sequestration, production of cactus-based renewables and consumables, and restoration of semi-arid landscapes, we are committed to affecting change.

How our business contributes to the UN SDGs

7. Affordable and clean energy

8. Decent work and economic growth

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

11. Sustainable cities and communities

13. Climate action

15. Life on land

Sustainability research

More research
Blue tractor in front of rows of opuntia cactus

What is Natural Capital Accounting?

Reading time: 5min.
An earthworm amidst rich, healthy soil.

Opuntia’s Role in Rehabilitating Degraded Soils

Reading time: 10min.
A single new cladode growing on a green, spineless cactus pad.

Opuntia as a Viable Biomass Source

Reading time: 15min.