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Blue tractor in front of rows of opuntia cactus

What is Natural Capital Accounting?

Reading time: 5min.
An earthworm amidst rich, healthy soil.

Opuntia’s Role in Rehabilitating Degraded Soils

Reading time: 10min.
A single new cladode growing on a green, spineless cactus pad.

Opuntia as a Viable Biomass Source

Reading time: 15min.
A bird, a phylloscopus canariensis, watching on intently and perched upon a green cactus pad that bears a single cactus fruit.

Opuntia & Biodiversity Conservation

Reading time: 15min.
Waterkloof Lighthouse Farm sign upon a small green grassy area, with trees overhanging and a white building behind it.

Waterkloof Lighthouse Farm

Reading time: 15min.
An abundance of dense cacti either side of an orange, sandy walkway. A hazy view of distant rugged hills sits behind them accompanied by clear blue sky.

Biomass Source Farm

Reading time: 4min.