Who we are

We are entrepreneurs focused on regenerative agriculture, energy, sustainable food production, and decarbonization.  Our mission is to bring cactus-based renewables to market to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, degraded marginal land, and water, food, and energy scarcity.

Meet our people

The team for a sustainable future

We are a tenacious and results-oriented group of people who have come together to create a business focused on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

Meet our team
Our Core Values

Our core values are what brought us together as a team and what make us passionate about the work we do. They are the foundation of the business we are building and the problems we are working to solve.


Respect is a fundamental component of how we interact with each other, how we interface with peers and clients, and how we treat our home planet.


On an individual level, respect requires that we acknowledge each person’s basic dignity, individuality, and autonomy.  It requires us to approach each other with empathy, listen to each other’s ideas, opinions and lived experience with an open mind and willingness to learn and unlearn things.  We show respect to individuals by offering equal and accessible opportunities to everyone.


As it applies to our world, respect means causing no unnecessary harm, using our business to protect and regenerate nature for generations to come, and committing to listening and interacting with knowledge keepers and diverse thinkers who have much to share.


We believe that our success is contingent upon remaining steadfast in our commitment to ethical behaviours and practices, a set of core principles, and a strong moral compass.  We strive to operate with honesty and transparency within our team and amongst ourselves and in the way we present our data, accomplishments, and impact to the world.


We understand that our credibility and our reputation is built on these values and take pride in being able to stand by our word.


We approach our work with tenacity because we are passionate about our purpose and we believe time is of the essence to take drastic action to change the way we treat our planet, show care for each other, and consume resources.  We are committed to taking tangible action every day and operating with a sense of urgency and persistence.


We understand the enormity of tackling many of the most pressing challenges of our time and believe that we will only make an impact if we are committed to progress over perfection.  We are not afraid to innovate through failure or learn from our mistakes.  We are committed to being patient with each other and those around us as we test, iterate and implement.